Do not let your warranty expire before getting a home inspection. There is a very good chance you will be throwing away money. The builder must be notified prior to the one year from the date you signed your contract.

One Year Warranty inspections are very meticulous, and all owner issues are noted along with all the issue we find during the inspection. All homes settle in the first year and we are there to make sure the home is still solid. You will get a full home inspection and including cosmetic issues. We will note the deficiencies and have associated photos to expound on the issues. Your builder is required to repair any defects found.

The local builders, I find, do not like our inspections because of the details and all the issues we find. But we remind them; We work for the customer and not the builder.

Getting that inspection in writing and in the hands of the builder puts the onus on the builder to repair all the items in the report. Your job is complete, and the builder must do their part to repair all deficiencies.

This inspection is crucial to ensure your home is built right and retain its value. The inspection will also ensure your home will last for many years to come.